Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to add visual interest to your garden, build-up sloping areas that were perviously unusable and improve the overall value of your property.

Whether you're looking for a contemporary finish or a more traditional look and feel, we can design and build a retaining wall that will suit both your home and garden perfectly. There are countless material choices to choose from, and we are happy to organise a free, onsite consultation to discuss with you the different options available to best suit your outdoor space and budget.


Typically, there are three main categories of materials to choose from:

Brick & Masonry

Our masonry retaining walls look fantastic, are durable, quick to construct and cost effective. For this reason, they are also our most popular. The benefit of working with masonary bricks is that there are so many options available in terms of design and colour. Typically, we work with Boral© retaining wall blocks, which are available in the following designs:

Boral Arena Retaining Wall


Innovative retaining wall design is a time saver with minimal fuss, doesnt require a capping unit.

Boral Country Manor Retaining Wall

Country Manor®

Visually distinctive, with a rugged, rustic look, these random sized blocks bring rural atmosphere to the outdoor living area.

Boral NSW Gardenwall

NSW Gardenwall®

A simple retaining wall system that is easy to install where one block fits all.

Boral Hadrian Wall

Hadrian Wall®

Hadrian Wall delivers a classic look in true sandstone hues. Demonstrating its versatility, Hadrian Wall can be used in straight and curved wall designs

Heathstone Grande Retaining Wall

Heathstone Grande®

Create refined contemporary lines with this grand sharp framed split face retaining wall.

Boral Heathstone Regal Retaining Wall

Heathstone Regal®

King size dry-stack wall with a superior blend of natural hues.

Boral Keystone Retaining Wall


A strong and secure walling option that is perfectly suited to professionally designed walls up to 12m high.

Boral Pyrmont Retaining Wall


Featuring a sharp framed split face block that is perfectly suited for professionally designed walls up to 6 m high.

Treated Pine Logs & Sleepers

Retaining walls made of treated pine give a natural look and feel to your garden.

Pine Sleepers Retaining WallPine Sleepers Retaining WallPine Sleepers Retaining Wall


Stone Veneer & Cladding

Stone cladding is an excellent alternative to solid stone blocks, and lets you create the same look for a fraction of the cost. Because of its beautiful finish and quick instalation, we are particularly fond of Stoneblok™, an interlocking retaining wall system with a natural stone veneer. Stoneblok™ is the only retaining wall system on the Australian market with a natural stone facade, which means that in a matter of only a few hours we can construct an appealing natural stone wall for your home or garden.

Stoneblok™ is available in two colours:

Stone retaining Wall

Broken Hill

Stone Retainng Wall

Newcastle Coal



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