With a growing preferance for stylish, low-maintenance gardens, pavers are a perfect solution. Practical advantages over concrete and bitumen include the fact that if underground services ever need to be reached pavers can easily be lifted and re-laid without visible repair damage.

There is a seemingly endless line-up of traditional and new materials to choose from. Clay, concrete, granite, sandstone, limestone, slate, cobblestone gravels and ceramic are just some of the paver materials available.

At Brightside Landscapes we have considerable experience in helping clients with their selections, and we can advise you what will suit the style of your home and garden best.

Becasue of their cost effectiveness and durability, the Boral© range of concrete and clay pavers are a popular choice among our clients. We have included the current Boral© range of pavers below. For more information you can also download the Boral© Pavers & Retaining Walls Guide here.

As always, we are happy to organise a free, onsite consultation to discuss with you the different options available to best suit your outdoor space and budget.


Boral Promenade Pavers


Features simple, clean lines to enhance everyday living and is perfectly priced to suit moderate budgets.

Boral Stoneworks Sandstone Pavers

Stoneworks Sandstone™

Emulating the naturally-aged appearance of stone, no two pavers are the same.

Boral Aspenstone Pavers


Created in neutral tones, each paver has a washed stone texture.

Boral Bradstone Pavers


Old town flagstones and cobbles have a unique profile giving them an aged appearance.

Boral River Pebble

River Pebble™

The distinctive pebble shapes and sizes create a natural looking pattern in any outdoor setting.

Boral Precinct Pavers


Features an assortment of shapes and sizes that is often referred to as ‘French pattern’ paving.

Boral Pavestone Pavers


Standard, small format pavers are a practical and affordable choice, offering easy installation and maintenance.

Boral Stylestone Pavers


Smart and elegant, these square, large format pavers will infuse a sleek, modern look.

Boral Abode Pavers


Fashionable range of contemporary pavers brings affordable style and clean lines to every alfresco setting.

Boral Stoneworks Limestone Pavers

Stoneworks Limestone™

Emulating the naturally-aged appearance of stone, no two pavers are the same.

Boral Bringelly Pavers


Designed to cope with the demands of modern life while retaining their classic beauty, with an almost velour-like finish.

Boral Pavescape Pavers


Low maintenance as there is no need to seal or re-colour.

Boral Naturepave Pavers


Larger square pavers are popular for creating a modern streamlined effect.

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