Decking & Patios

Decking & Patios

Garden decking makes for an exceptionally cost effective living space and can add considerable value to your home relative to the installation costs.

From a practical standpoint, decking is an ideal medium on uneven and sloping ground, and perfect as a transition between the home and outdoor spaces. Decks can be split or multi level to make the best use of a difficult site and are perfect for pool surrounds and anywhere good drainage and a level surface is needed.

We have included below some of our favourite Australian hardwood decking materials:

Pine Decking


A hard, oily, heavy and fairly strong timber which tends to be slightly brittle, it can be worked to a high polish and takes most finishes well. It has a natural resistance to insect attack.

Western Red Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar

The uncoated surface of this timber will weather (go grey) more dramatically than other timbers when used outside. To prevent this, Western Red Cedar can be sealed prior to installation.

Jarrah Decking


Jarrah can be highly polished and accepts most finishes well. A uniform pink to dark reddish brown colour.

Tallowwood Decking


Tallowwood is a naturally oily wood with high tannin content. A very tough and durable Australian eucalypt used widely for decking.

Tasmanian Oak Decking

Tasmanian Oak

Has a uniform light beige to light pink colour and readily accepts stains and coatings.


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